27.12.2020 - A selection of historic posters from our friends HowlBackHum

2020 was destined to be the year our friend and local Norwich legend Shane Olinski celebrated his 20 years of promoting throughout our fine city. Shane and Ideal Surreal had a series of shows booked to celebrate but unfortunately Covid happened, however Shane gave me a massive pile of flyers from  his early years. The images are for a documentary we are producing with Emily English (Access to Music)  and Ryan Williamson (Off With Their Records), which is out in early 2021. The editing is almost complete but there are too many flyers to use therefore I decided to share them here. There are hundreds of names from numerous shows, which span from 2000 until today. We hope you like revisiting some of his classic line ups. This is only the tip of the iceberg!! He averaged 47 shows annually from 2000 so you can imagine how many posters we made.

© 2020 by Sean O'Neill

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