Everything You Heard Before Could Have Been Better - An insight into Shane Olinksi

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'Everything you heard before could have been better'


I've starred long and hard at this paper of white, contemplating how, what and when to write about Shane Olinski and his 20 years of Norwich.


What comes to mind as one thinks about Shane?


Well, he is an eccentric fellow who enjoys music and nature in equal measure. He can often be found in one of our fine city establishments, either performing, observing or scribbling ideas down. Or perhaps one will find Shane enjoying Norfolk meadows, trees and forests.


Many see Shane a prolific professor of production, who has written and recorded over 1000 songs during his life. His promotion is no less prolific, with some 800 shows spread across 20 years and featuring an estimated 3000+ loners, duos and bands. His musical endeavours are held across the city, in pubs, bars, clubs and parties, with countless fine city performers playing their debut gig with Shane.


How does one describe the unquestionable impact this man has had on our fine city?


Shane and I have promoted music together for 20 years and yet here I sit and struggle to share the experiences of my musical soulmate. We have worked together for many years and I honestly believe Norwich would be far less vibrant without him.


In 2020 we planned a series of performances to celebrate Shane and his 20 year landmark but unfortunately a pandemic split our plans.


We therefore decided to gather our friends and invite them to share a few words about Shane, Norwich and 20 years of music...


'Everything you heard before could have been better' is the brain child of Ryan Williamson from Off With Their Records, Emily English from Access Creative College and long term Ideal Surreal/HowlBackHum promoter Sean O'Neill.


The idea was conceived during a warm summer day during 2020 and the trio spent the following few weeks interviewing Shane's friends and colleagues. The programme is a slice of the hours of video footage we complied throughout 2020 and our listeners will be given an insight into Shane, his music and his legacy.


We expect 'Shane the Movie' to follow in the coming weeks, but please do sit down, relax and take a listen to the story of this great man.