After some time in hibernation the psychedelic guitar crunching pop fury that is Magoo are back with their long-awaited sixth album.

Stylish and often ahead of their time,’ The Continuing Adventures’ showcases the dirtier, noisier personality of the schizophrenic beast that is Magoo whilst maintaining their pure pop sensibilities with strong, catchy melodies and harmony running throughout. From The Monks inspired riff-laden garage pop of ‘Bubblegum’ to the epic guitar battles of ‘Force 10 From Navarone’, this is non-stop alternative guitar pop at its best.

"The nearest thing Britain has to the labyrinthine, mutant DIY thinking behind The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Guided By Voices." The Guardian.

"Brain scrambling, intense psycho rock... all wired beats, twisted falsetto and sand-blasted rock riffs." Uncut.

"Skewed pop music popped open and exposed to as much unnecessary and fun surgery as possible." Melody Maker.

"Sonic scientists of the most playful order." NME.

"Pop songs that will make you want to sing the riffs and hug the sky and proclaim Magoo as quivery-kneed and rightful indie glee royalty." Drowned In Sound.



CD album in jewel case, released July 23, 2012


1. Inside Information
2. Bubblegum
3. Nighthawks In The Sky
4. Call Out The Crash Squad  
5. Volcanoes
6. Force 10 From Navarone 
7. Dear Johnny
8. A Kiss To Cry  
9. Little Lanes    
10. Penelope
11. Over And Out

Magoo -The Continuing Adventures Of Magoo

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