CD album in jewel case from Norfolk legends Magoo


"Legend has it that the Boo Radleys' Martin Carr was in line to produce Vote The Pacifist Ticket Today, before mysteriously pulling out at the last minute to start work on the Boos' Kingsize album. Carr must have written and recorded hard, because he beat Magoo's second LP to the record shops by a couple of weeks. But that doesn't alter the fact that the Norwich somnambulists are everything the Boo Radleys are not quite brave enough to be. Sinister (Get It On Superhero), reptilian (Cable Tuned And Sabre Toothed), resolutely indie but hugely ambitious, Vote The Pacifist Ticket Today is the nearest thing Britain has to the labyrinthine, mutant DIY thinking behind The Flaming Lips and Guided By Voices." (The Guardian)


1. Vote The Pacifist Ticket Today 
2. Pink Dust     
3. Swiss Border Escape    
4. Get On It Superhero   
5. Acid Goldbar  
6. The Casino Effect    
7. Billion Dollar Brain    
8. Holy Smoke!    
9. Keep It Pure   
10. My Vote Is You    
11. Cable Tuned & Sabre Toothed   
12. The Spectre Closes In    
13. Implicate The Targets    
14. Airmen Afraid

Magoo - Vote the Pacifist Ticket Today

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