Howlback Hum in association with Mummy Where’s The Milkman would like to present you with the first in a serious of releases: ‘Oddnotch - Bestwick’ featuring the most diverse ends of the spectrum featured on the label. Call this series the baby sister of our hugely popular ‘We’re From Norwich’ volumes for the hardcore Howlback Hum fans, or even a sampler of what is on offer with the label in Norfolk’s fair Norwich.


Let’s get this straight, there ain’t much to do or see up in fair Norfolk…so rather than going straight for the jugular (by starting up a pig-farm or maybe hooking up with your own brother and sister) the kids broke out of their skull-crushing boredom (phew!) and opted for the rather more favourable and somewhat suitable alternative of writing music and forming bands. The result is sometimes strange, sometimes striking but always undeniably new…


So whether it’s the simple uncomplicated pop satisfaction that rocks your stylus or maybe endearing storytelling, whatever…it’s all here! With a healthy dose of weird and wonderful, and a refreshing lack of disaffected posing, indulge your tired and hungry senses with a slice of flavoursome music from Norwich and enjoy!




Cruiser Chimps – ‘The Worm’


Charlotte Morris – ‘Not The Same As You’


Mochikolinski – ‘Eeszy’


Horses Brawl – ‘Gallard’

Oddnotch Bestwick

SKU: 102.003
  • 7" Vinyl record in cardboard sleeve