Goodness…2006 is already in full swing and HowlBackHum is here to present you with more melodious offerings that’ll shake away the monotonous new year resolutions you made (and never kept) whilst thawing your frosted ears from the numbing cold outside your front door…oh and perhaps inside your central heating deprived living room too. Hoofus is back with his second split single release that will wake your tired and cloudy senses with animated, hyper-bassed genius for sure. Rory McVicar balances the tag-team with heart-rending cold hard truths of life well beyond his years. In fact it’s pretty damn good that there are two offerings from each artist dig in! This is quite a double act the HowlBackHum camp is proud to release. We hope you enjoy this record as much as the (fluffy) HowlBackHum stylus has been.

Rory McVicar / Hoofus Split 7"ep

SKU: 102.001
  • 33rpm 7" Vinyl Record in cardboard sleeve.