Mummy Wheres The Milkman first opened its doors in 2003 and already mighty acts like Hyper Kinacko, Bearsuit, Olinski and Magoo have graced the milkman’s float. Still reeling from BBC Radio 1 (late great Peely, Rob Da Bank), Xfm, London’s Resonance FM (gLASSsHRIMP show) airplay nods and enthusing fanzine reviews from the usual suspects MWTM in association with HowlbackHum (valued missionary to the wry-pop cause) would like to celebrate more offerings of endearing pop gems from the noizy goings-on in Norwich. This is the label’s forth release, debuting Hoofus and the Coldfront first singles in the lovable form of split 7”…a perfect introduction to the label if you haven’t had the pleasure of coming across us before.


Representing the coldfront core are Naomi Cousins (who

only started playing like last week) on guitar/ vocals, Shane

Olinski (has been trying to play for like 20 years) on guitar/ vocals

and Tony on drums respectively (bridging the gap as the human

drum machine). The coldfront are a strange tale of charismatic

girl meets boys. Their story is delivered with brooding precision

via introspective lyrics, awkward guitars bound by the sound of

sinister relentless drumming. Noticeably Shane and Naomi’s

affectionate soaring harmonies add to the band’s endearing

minimality and acerbic potential. ‘Society’ is a burst of simple

uncomplicated pop pleasure. The song features warm choir-like

harmonies that will have you singing along to its anthemic

chorus for sure. Angry jagged guitars interrupt ‘At Nite’s’

haunting bittersweet lament whilst a pneumatic stomping beat

winds the song up.


Andre Bosman aka Hoofus certainly makes fuzzy

electronic music. ‘Shiney Golden Wire Of Hope’ recalls

the sort of drum track arrangement Neu! would have

been proud of. The beats are tinny and add to the

feeling of being washed over with swollen, dense old-

school keyboard drones. The song is as expansive as it

is elevating. Hoofus possesses a clever sensibility of

rhythmic timing, this is highlighted by the second Bosman creation on the split 7”. ‘Zambon’ is punctuated by trailing beats, modem hiccups, mobile burps and bitmapped loops. The short explosions of sharp, airy melodies and white noise static sees the Hoofus sound veering off in unexpected directions with sweeping execution and a ribbon of staccato notes.


Track listing:


The Cold Front

1. Society

2. At Nite




1. Shiney Golden Wire Of Hope

2. Zambon

The Cold Front / Hoofus 7"ep

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  • 7" Vinyl record in carboard sleeve