We're From Norwich No1 (Out on Mummy Where's the Milkman Records on 7th July 2004) is a stark revelation that contrary to popular belief - there is a 'scene' in the depths of Norfolk - a bloody great one at that.

Featuring the likes of Magoo, Bearsuit, and Hyperkinako as well as up n coming young things Teknikov, Postalowa, and Le Tetsuo, this album looks set to finally put our fine city on the map of music cool.

Norwich is a strange place. There's not much for the kids to do see, so they start bands. Some play covers, or play new songs that sound like they should be covers - but this isn't the kind of music that We're From Norwich is all about.

It's about the kind of music that's bred out of, well, fuck knows! Alien abductions probably - goggle-eyed marshans that are messin' with the kids' heads.

What other explanation can there be for this mixed up cacophony of spanking newness? From the catchy organ led chord clashing, casio bleeping and chanting of Teknikov's UBahn through the electro post-rock of Posta Lowa's Okin and Bearsuit's aggressive stabs of guitar screech and keyboard dischord in Kiki Keep Me Company, this compilation could well be bred out of bright lights and implants.

Add to that quirky pop from Magoo, Hyper Kinako, The Gore Vidals, and El Sub and you'll be bombing up the A11 and heading for the circles in the sky before you know it.

Then there's the Rocknrollband who do as they say on the tin, Le Tetsuo and merch-music from Olinski featuring Toko.

But amongst the ear-bleed and frantic pop there is some calm. Interspersed acoustic meanderings from The Sunday Music, Horses Brawl, and The Rebeccas give relief from the abrasive slices of Ready-break energy.

So go on - marry your sister, sell up for a turnip farm, get ready for that anal probe and JOIN US.


We're From Norwich No 1 showcases 15 tracks from Norwich's most up and coming bands:

Teknikov – Ubahn

Postalowa – Okin

Bearsuit - Kiki Keep Me Company

Sunday Music - Live at the Playhouse

Rocknrollband - I Want Your Babies

The Rebeccas - Dark Blue Paintings

El Sub - Handy Man

Horses Brawl - Tamlyn End

Olinski featuring Toko – 7” T Shirt

Le Tetsuo – Nickers

Hyper Kinako - Biker Liker

Mono On Mono - Live at the Trowel and Hammer

Magoo - Banana Custard

Tonkyl - Conch Rock

The Gore Vidals - Diabolique

We're From Norwich Vol#1

SKU: 102.002
  • 12" Vinyl record in cardboard sleeve