Here marks the return of Mummy Where’s The Milkman and Howlback Hum with ‘We’re From Norwich #2’, the label’s follow up release to last year’s hugely popular ‘We’re From Norwich #1’ (like duh). With even more sabre-toothed, cranked up (and eased down) guitars, electro-pop, mashed-up synth, bathroom acoustics and other oddities this album affirms what everyone should already know- there is something of a pretty damn fine ‘scene’ in the depths of East Anglia’s Norwich.


Let’s get this straight, there ain’t much to do or see up in fair Norwich…so rather than going straight for the jugular (by starting up a pig-farm or maybe hooking up with your own brother and sister) the kids broke out of their skull-crushing boredom (phew!) and opted for the rather more favourable and somewhat suitable alternative of writing music and forming bands. The result is sometimes strange, sometimes striking but always undeniably new…this compilation features one mother of a melodious, all-embracing playground in pop pleasure brought to you by Howlback Hum in association with Mummy Where’s the Milkman.


There’s the beatsy screech-core double-act Cruiser Chimps demonstrating it doesn’t take an army to make a raucous racket (but well thought out stage gear helps). Master Solo’s distorted wavs of modem hiccups and mobile belches proves to be really quite lovely.


Alto 45’s electro fuzz lament just can’t go on long enough and Ashley Smith’s easy like Sunday morning meanderings provides an antidote to all things dissonating and disturbing like the roar from The Porn’s unrelenting guitars.


Royal McBee’s keyboard drones and pneumatic beats is a discordant alarm call to us all, where as The Sadtowns’ track is a relaxed requiem for a quiet life and is also one of the most uplifting tracks on the compilation. Girlie Energy’s offering may be too short for words (there does appear to be a distinct lack of them) but it’s a baby beauty of a track!


So whether it’s the simple uncomplicated pop satisfaction that rocks your stylus like long-standing heroes Magoo or maybe endearing anthemic boy meets girl storytelling from Evader …it’s all here! Oh, and did I mention the bonus compilation available on CD format of We’re From Norwich #2 which in itself is fit for a separate release! All in all this is one heck of an inviting listen if not just for the plethora of tracks on offer but also for it’s healthy dose of weird and wonderful, and a refreshing lack of disaffected posing. So go on…indulge your tired and hungry senses with a slice of flavoursome muziq from Norwich and enjoy!





2.The Coldfront /RockNRollRockNRoll

3.The Gore Vidals /Kow Tow

4.Cruiser Chimps /Aha Now I Understand

5.Evader /Ocean’s Apart

6.Master Solo /Nature Shows

7.The Bells The Bells /Climbing the Wall

8.Sunday Music /Lament For Lack of Girls

9.Alto 45 /Motorway Man

10.The Rebeccas /Cl ‘Amour

11.Magoo /Planet B


13.Lalia /Aquamarine

14.Charlotte Morris /Art

15.Royal McBee /Fire Fire Fire

16.braviain rocket groop /Mean While

17.the Sadtowns /Captain Bob Rides Again

18.Andrew McDonnell /Wintering

19.Girlie Energy /Yomogimochikopim

We're From Norwich Vol#2

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  • 12" Vinyl record in black disco bag & free bonus promo cd